Bouquet Couture

Bouquet Couture is a unique elite business devoted to designing and constructing one-of-a-kind wedding bouquets for the bride as well as bouquets and boutonnieres for the entire bridal party. The bouquets are created with the bride’s complete involvement in the design process, assuring that each bride’s vision is executed to the highest quality.

Emily Raleigh is the artistic force behind this thriving business. Emily is an award winning artist and trained ceramicist. Her education from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, in Events Planning, specializing in wedding coordination, has prepared her to design and create for Bouquet Couture.

Our team embarked on this venture, because we believed that bridal party flowers are ordinary and will inevitably whither away the day after your wedding. That seems like a huge waste to us and there had to be a better way. Why not be able to keep a beautiful piece of art, covered in brooches and jewels, and designed specifically for you, to display in your home as art, and pass on for generations AND stay within whatever budget you may have?! Bouquet Couture creates bouquets that unlike ordinary flowers, are a piece of art for the bride to cherish throughout her life, displayed beautifully in her favorite place, and to pass on from one generation to the next.

Aside from construction, beauty and customization for each individual bride, what sets Bouquet Couture apart from other antique brooch bouquet creators is that we construct unique and one-of-a-kind bouquets for you from anything the bride can imagine. For example, we have created bouquets out of crayons for teachers, yarn for knitters, buttons for seamstresses and the list goes on. The opportunities and ideas are limitless, and any and every budget can be worked with to create a beautiful piece.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, and starting our creative process together!

- Bouquet Couture